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ITIL® Lifecycle Suite 2011 Editions in Deutsch (Alle 5 Kernpublikationen)


Die ITIL 2011 Editions sind nun seit 27. März 2013 auch auf Deutsch verfügbar.

ITIL basiert auf einen Lifecycle-Ansatz und besteht aus folgenden fünf Kernpublikationen:

Summary of Updates from the Author’s

 ITIL Service Strategy

The concepts within the publication have been clarified, without changing the overall message. The updated publication includes more practical guidance and more examples where relevant.

The newly defined process of strategy management for IT services is responsible for developing and maintaining business and IT strategies, and there are now separate descriptions of business strategy and IT strategy. Financial management has been expanded, and business relationship management and demand management are now covered as processes.

ITIL Service Design

Throughout the updated ITIL Service Design publication, there has been particular focus on alignment with ITIL Service Strategy.

A number of concepts and principles have been clarified, most significantly the flow and management of activity throughout the overall service design stage with the addition of the ‘design coordination’ process. Other significant clarifications include the five aspects of service design, the design of the service portfolio and the terminology related to views of the service catalogue. 

ITIL Service Transition

The structure, content and relationships of the configuration management system (CMS) and service knowledge management system (SKMS) have been clarified to help the reader to understand these key concepts

There is new content explaining how a change proposal should be used. The evaluation process has been renamed ‘change evaluation’ and the purpose and scope have been modified to help clarify when and how this process should be used.

The service asset and configuration management process has additional content relating to asset management, and there are improvements in the flow and integration of a number of processes, including change management, release and deployment management, and change evaluation.

 ITIL Service Operation

Process flows have been updated or added for all processes including request fulfilment, access management and event management.

Key principles – including guidance around service requests and request models, and proactive problem management – have been clarified. The publication has been updated to explain how basic events flow into filters and rule engines to produce meaningful event information. The relationship between application management activities versus application development activities is also clarified.

Other clarifications include an expanded section on problem analysis techniques, procedure flow for incident matching and further guidance for escalating incidents to problem management. In addition, the guidance for managing physical facilities has been expanded.

ITIL Continual Service Improvement

The seven-step improvement process – and its relationship with the Deming ‘Plan-Do-Check-Act’ cycle and knowledge management – has been clarified. The CSI model has been re-named the CSI approach and the concept of a CSI register has been introduced as a place to record details of all improvement initiatives within an organization.

Minor changes have been made throughout the book to clarify the meaning and to improve readability. Particular emphasis has been made on documenting the interfaces from CSI to other lifecycle stages

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ITIL® Lifecycle Suite 2011 Editions in Deutsch (Alle 5 Kernpublikationen)

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